Editor-Orlando Business Journal

The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority, or Lynx, has finalized negotiations with Nopetro to build and operate a compressed natural gas fueling station, provide improvements to its maintenance facility and convert the public bus fleet to CNG.

Nopetro’s public-private partnership with Lynx is the first step in the construction of a turnkey CNG fueling station and the generation of revenue from third-party customers. In addition to fueling Lynx’s bus fleet, Nopetro’s station also would be available to serve private commercial fleets and the public at large, according to a release from the two companies.

“Once again, Lynx is at the forefront of the nationwide movement to build sustainable public transportation systems,” said John M. Lewis Jr., CEO of Lynx. “Switching to CNG makes sense both financially and environmentally for Central Florida transit.”

As part of the contract, Nopetro will build and operate a fueling station at the intersection of John Young Parkway and Lynx Lane. Switching from diesel to CNG is expected to provide Lynx with annual positive returns on its investment approximately three years from the scheduled completion in the second half of 2015.

In addition, Lynx will purchase or lease an initial 35 CNG buses and is expected to have more than 150 CNG buses within the next five years.
Nopetro is Florida’s leading natural gas fueling infrastructure provider, with offices in Coral Gables and Tallahassee.