According to the American Public Transportation Association there are over 81,000 municipal transit buses operating in the US.

In many areas, increasingly stringent emissions standards have limited the fueling options available to public transit operators. For example, the South Coast Air Quality Management in California has adopted an Air Toxic Control Plan designed to encourage the use of alternative fuel buses. Transit agencies have been one of the largest adopters of natural gas buses, with almost 25% of all buses in the United States operating on natural gas.

In addition to the environmental benefits, one of the most compelling reasons why transit agencies across the country are transitioning to CNG is due to the exponential fuel savings that will result over the life of each transit bus – in excess of $350,000 per bus. Also, unlike electric technology where the exorbitant incremental cost effectively eliminates a return on investment (ROI), with natural gas the ROI is almost immediate. Furthermore, from a national security perspective, since natural gas fuel is entirely domestic, municipalities across the country are leading by example and aggressively transitioning to CNG.

With respect to transit, Nopetro currently has the only 20-year exclusive CNG fueling agreement with a governmental entity in the United States, fueling Leon County Schools’ (LCS) 240+ bus fleet on CNG. Similar to LCS’s experience, Nopetro will make the process of transitioning to CNG for any transit agency seamless. We are your partner, not just a contractor.